Because WEGB & WEGQ are non-commercial radio stations, FCC (Federal Communication Commission) rules do not allow us to air or sell commercial advertising. However, businesses and organizations, including churches, can underwrite WEGB & WEGQ and/or our programs.

If your business or organization underwrites FAITH FM or a program, we will air an underwriting spot that runs at least once a day 5, 7, or 2 days per week, depending on what you choose. The length of the underwriting spots is about no less than 30 seconds.

Underwriting Prices

For $200 we will air 2 underwriting spots per day M-F, one at the beginning of a half hour segment and one at the end. That amounts to 40 spots per month. To air 4 underwriting spots per day M-F (80 day spots during the daytime hours per month) it would $350 per month.

  • Add Evenings M-F for $100 more per month. (40 more spots per month)
  • Add weekends (Saturday & Sunday / 16 more spots) for $50 more per month.
  • Weekends only (16 spots) is $75 per month.
  • Add Weekend Evenings (16 more spots) for $25 more per month.

To underwrite simply download our underwriting agreement form below and fax or e-mail it back to us.

Underwriting Agreement

For more information please contact us at faithfm@hamptonschristian.com or call 631-725-4155 and/or download an Underwriting & Programing Brochure below.

Why Underwrite on WEGB?

  • It is a cost effective way for people to hear about your business, organization or church.
  • It is tax deductible.
  • FAITH FM’s signal covers the entire East End  of Long Island including most of Eastern Suffolk County from Montauk & Orient on the East End of the Twin Forks to Route 112 in  Patchougue & Port Jefferson in the West. Which means it has the potential to reach over 500,000 people on the East End.
    • WEGB’s 4.6 KW signal covers the townships of East Hampton & Southold a large part of Southampton and part of Riverhead.
    • WEGQ’s 1.65 KW signal covers the townships of Riverhead, most of Southold & Southampton and part of Brookhaven.
  • Christian radio listeners tend to be loyal to businesses and organizations that support Christian radio

More Underwriting Info: Underwriting spots differ from advertising spots in that they are subject to a series of content rules by the FCC. For example underwriting spots cannot include:

  • Superlatives or comparative language (“We  serve the best sandwiches in town!”)
  • Calls to action (“Call today!”)
  • Pricing of any kind, including “free”
  • Inducements to buy/sell/lease (“Sale this week!” “Free gift to the first 50 customers!”)
  • Support for or opposition to a political candidate.

Underwriting spots can include:

  • Your business or organization’s name.
  • A short (20 words or less) description of what your business/organization does.
  • Your business or organizations’s slogan if applicable.
  • Your location and hours of operation.
  • Your phone number and website address.

Underwriting Spot Example: “The following program is made possible in part by Paul’s Tent Makers. Making tents for all your tent needs. Paul’s is located at 109 Romans Rd. in Corinth. Hours are Monday-Friday 8AM ‘til 4PM. Paul’s telephone is 631-888-9999.  Visit them on the web at paulstents.com”

A Church or other not-for-profit organization can underwrite a program or a block of music. An example would read like this: “The following half hour of music is sponsored by Hamptons Christian Fellowship on Noyac Rd. in Sag Harbor. Hamptons Christian Fellowship is an affiliate of Calvary Chapel and they have been ministering on the East End of Long Island since 1961. Their Sunday Morning  Service is at 10:00 AM and their mid week Wednesday Evening service is at 7:00 PM. All are  welcome  and  dress  is  casual. For more information please call 631-725-4155 or visit them online at cbchamptons.com”

To underwrite on Faith FM download the underwriting agreement form below and fax or e-mail it back to us.

Underwriting Agreement

For more information please contact us at faithfm@hamptonschristian.com or 631-725-4155 and/or download an underwriting brochure below.

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